Sing in travel.

So Hey! You won't believe how much I've traveled these past few days. I traveled three hours from Tarlac to Manila to attend a friend's party, and it was nice to be given a chance to perform.
So I sung "Thinking of You" by Katy Perry and "Closer" by Ne-yo. Ang kapal lang ng mukha ko haha. I performed without any practice. When I was singing "Closer" I was checking out my phone for lyrics! HAHA. I actually have a page for my recorded songs: http://soundcloud.com/user5713896'

Well yes, someone got pretty wild :)

The next day I moved in another dorm. I carried my stuff along with the assistance of a taxi driver. I kept going up and down the fifth floor until my legs we're literally shaking. What. A. Work. Out. After that I went back to Tarlac. I stayed at home for thirty minutes, then traveled again for thirty minutes to go to my best friend's place.I had catching up to do since I was not there for birthday. (Pretty lousy huh?) So I raped the karaoke singing songs until I got physically tired from dancing and shit (haha)

The next day (which is awhile ago) I traveled back thirty minutes to see my mom then leave again, to attend singing lessons. It was my first time ever and it was quite awkward, because of the vocalization exercises. Some of the exercises requires "1 and 2 and 2 and 4" and "Yeee Yooo Yeaaa Yaaa" but the late minutes of the session I was going at ease. It was actually fun. I really want to learn how to sing properly. Just so you know, I have a band. We're nothing serious, but often when it's someone's birthday we play some songs. That's a starter right? :) Next session I shall sing a song. A friend told me I should sing a Disney Song. I really like Disney songs. Maybe I'll do "Reflection", you know, the OST of "Mulan". :) I'll prolly post more covers soon :) I'm actually blogging about my life straightforwardly. Wow.